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    1) Footsteps ESP would be amazing, I really like this suggestion. 2) We do have an autopistol feature in the misc settings I think, correct me if I'm wrong please. 3) This would be good for legit-type of cheating. 4) This one should be the easier one to add, let's see what the coder has to say about this one.
  2. Silent

    "ive already got 150 kills in 2 days and like 15 wins" Are you cheating? lmfao
  3. Silent

    Thanks for the detailed suggestions bud. I'm 100% confident that the coder will take a look at each and single one of these suggestions. But,I don't think these suggestions will be worked on promptly though, the cheat will have its final update this 15 and we'll move to another popular game cheat (soon to be announced). As soon as we finish that next cheat the coder will circle back to CS:GO and start working on suggestions. We do care about our customers.
  4. Silent

    We do have a release notes section and it's right here: https://legacyaim.com/release-notes/
  5. Silent

    Look, there's always a chance you might get caught while cheating. No cheat is undetectable, there's always a risk, and you must assume that. We've been without VAC bans for a long, long time, more than a year now without a VAC detection; however, that's not your only concern, there's also overwatch, if they deem your play style as fishy they'll convict you eventually getting you game/VAC banned. Regarding the installation procedures; they're quite simple. The cheat will not change any game files; however, you shouldn't toss your loader in your CSGO folder. Feel free to place it wherever you want except there. We have a guide and more stuff you can look at.
  6. Silent

    I think you're referring to some kind of "Visibility Check" the same that our old advanced edition had. It's already been suggested and it'll be out in a future patch very soon.
  7. Silent

    All we can do is wait for Zlitz's response bud, only he can fix that problem for you.
  8. Silent

    Don't you worry about it, We're going to proceed to close this topic and take this discussion over to your ticket, if you have any further questions; please, don't hesitate to let us know. /Closed
  9. Silent

    Thanks for this config bud. It's really good. To everyone else; if you want to see this config in action, check this yt video the OP just uploaded.
  10. Silent

    It's quite weird. Are you 100% sure there isn't any insert attached to a FN key in your keyboard? First time I see that issue lmao.
  11. Silent

    Thanks for this contribution, it'll help lots of our customers.
  12. Silent

    Welcome to our humble CS:GO cheating platform. If you have any questions/doubts don't hesitate to let us know.
  13. Silent

    Hahahaha, share your config. Is it legit or rage? I'd like to give it a try
  14. Unknown at the moment. We do not officially support those leagues.
  15. Silent

    Come to papa. *This config will only work with the remastered version, it's a rage config so... use at your own discretion*
  16. Silent

    /Solved =)
  17. Silent

    We're certainly the best legit cheat you may find and, we also offer the most affordable prices in the market.
  18. Silent

    We do have an option to change chams color:
  19. Silent

    Lmao. Well, not too much on my end. Like 200 would be pushing it.
  20. Silent

    Now that we got you all fixed up, you may download the loader from here: https://legacyaim.com/settings/sPannel/ Enjoy!
  21. Silent

    There is no such thing in this or any other cheat.
  22. Silent

    Check with PayPal If you have pre-approved payments. If so, cancel them. That’s your best way to be sure you will not be billed.
  23. Thanks for all of your support to improve our community! 

    I hope to see you coming back soon! :) 

  24. Silent

    That's why we always suggest our customers turning off/disabling/uninstalling their AV; it's a false alarm that may give you issues while injecting our cheat.