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  1. Silent

    /Solved =)
  2. Silent

    Thanks for the review mate! We're glad you're enjoying our product. +1
  3. Silent

    We're certainly the best legit cheat you may find and, we also offer the most affordable prices in the market.
  4. Silent

    Hahahahaha. You... Back to the review, as @Unique said, it lacks more in-depth details. For us to give you those 3 days please update it accordingly.
  5. Silent

    We do have an option to change chams color:
  6. Silent

    Lmao. Well, not too much on my end. Like 200 would be pushing it.
  7. Silent

    Now that we got you all fixed up, you may download the loader from here: https://legacyaim.com/settings/sPannel/ Enjoy!
  8. Silent

    Oof! True MVP. Let this be proof that we genuinely care about our customer's happiness. See you around a little longer!
  9. Silent

    There is no such thing in this or any other cheat.
  10. Silent

    Check with PayPal If you have pre-approved payments. If so, cancel them. That’s your best way to be sure you will not be billed.
  11. Thanks for all of your support to improve our community! 

    I hope to see you coming back soon! :) 

  12. Silent

    That's why we always suggest our customers turning off/disabling/uninstalling their AV; it's a false alarm that may give you issues while injecting our cheat.
  13. Silent

    These matters are solved through our tickets system only. Our administrator has been notified about your issue and he'll fix you asap. :)
  14. Silent

    We always love to hear feedback about our cheat, we will take your suggestions into consideration for future cheat updates :)