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  1. Hello mate :) Here is our unofficial league support Best regards Noname :)
  2. Noname

    Hey guys after these 2 years i decided to write my review of the LegacyAim. What can i say about Legacy. Its F.... THE Best "legit" cheat i ever used. I've been part of this community a quite time now and never expirienced some sort of regret about using Legacy. I've made alot friends here. Ok so little bit more about cheat and other things with marks. Community & Staff: 10/10 Community and Staff is best I've ever seen. When you have problem with cheat or even with live Zlitz and others are here to help out. It doesn't matter if you need support or just want to talk about life Zlitz is allways there for us. Aimbot: 9/10 Aimbot is finicky thing to get used to and make config for yourself but Legacy makes it easier for you to configure your own personal settings. 9 because there is allways space for improvement. Hitbox Triggerbot: 10/10 This trigger is most advanced and customizable thing I've ever used. You can make it like youre Global or Silve 1. This thing is for everybody. Super good job on this Ruffle. Visual ESP: 9/10 Dont use much of ESP. But when i used it it was pleasure to work with. You can customize shit out of it. XD Miscellaneous: 8/10 Auto pistol is super usefull in those pistol rounds when you spray and pray for that head shot. Knife bot sometimes sticks for me and swings even when there is not player so its 8 in this section. Configuration & Cosmetics: 9/10 Configs are 10/10 save. Customize. Remove. Import. Export. Do what ever you want. Cosmetics are something you can improve. Overall: 9.99/10 Overall this is super well made cheat for those "legit" players. So last question "If i would get VAC today, would i use Legacy again?" My answer 100% Yes. Theres allways that "if" and with cheating we know theres allways "if" and "when" but i know that and trust in this product and stand with it. With super huge love. Your Noname.
  3. Noname

    I could try, I was Web designer before military, I worked at Media company and made commersials for TV. Worked at tv company for 9 mo, and was designer for all round TV commersials! Im very good at working in team and working in time because imsoldier in army Im expert at sony vegas, photoshop! And im very familiar in cheating scene, im using all kind of cheats around 4years in cs go and was coding cheats for 1.6
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    If you need I can help you mate with that ;)
  5. Noname

    My country dont have nukes :(
  6. Noname

    I was wondering if someone have old wareframe acc he dont play on. I want to play with friends but dont want to strat from begining bcs my friend is very strong on warefreame, in he kills all mobs and thats not interesting.
  7. Noname

    Too late :(
  8. Noname

    I love mine G36KV Game : RL
  9. Noname

    Same here. Youneed to do some kind of milestone or task?
  10. Noname

    I know i listen to shit music but i like my countrys music, im patriotic as fuck :D
  11. Noname

    Thats why i was mising for half a year mate :)
  12. Noname

    I love my car. I have Honda Civic Type R EP3 :)
  13. Noname

    Hi, my name is RunL. Im From Latvia, :) I work on Latvian army as IT specialist :) Little bit about my gaming life! I love old games like Super mario bros, Duck tales and Adventure island, all my childhood was playing on oldass NES games and was amazed with programming:) Now i play FPS, survival games :) When i turned 18, I joined Latvian military forces and was simple soldier in army, at end of last year i was deployed in Afganistan for 6mo as It specialist in hot point there. Lets be friend and if you need anything just ask :) Best regards RunL :)