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  1. Carl

    Not bad! You started out good, but in the end of the text, the gap between the letters got too wide. Try to keep the width of the letters the same. That will make it easier to work with. Then when you master that, you can start experimenting with inconsistent width. Keep drawing! Glad to see a graffiti artist on here. I used to do a bit of sketching myself. :D I'm unsure if this is posted in the wrong sub. since graphics have to be digital?
  2. Carl

    These are the tools used for LegacyAim branding. Feel free to use these tools for media, advertisement, fanart and other. The LegacyAim logo is best recognized as it is in its original state. It is recommended not to modify our logo in a major way. Monochrome versions of the LegacyAim logo is not intended to be used as a primary option. LegacyAim logos and Icons can be downloaded here: Download - Can also be downloaded as the attached file on this topic. Included are all our logo formats and monochrome versions. LegacyAim colors: ■ Dark blue: #0C426D ■ blue: #267DBC ■ Light blue: #309DED ■ Dark grey: #37393B ■ Alice Blue: #F0F8FF These colors can be used in a wide variety of graphics. Logos and icons are recommended to be used in they're original colors. Contact support, if you have any questions regarding the business use of LegayAim branding. LALogos.zip
  3. Carl

    Great channel. I would be sad to see his channel die, so please keep it active! :D The eye candy graphics style aren't really my taste, but ill let it slide kappa
  4. Carl

    Nah, not much I can use it for. great job tho!
  5. Carl

    I like the bottom left one quite a bit. If only it was thicker it would be perfect! :D
  6. Don't be doing fake giveaways, man : /
  7. Carl

    Ez advertisement kappa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxjwkCDgHpw&feature=youtu.be it's actually kinda fun, check it out here.
  8. Carl

    np. take your time :D
  9. Carl

    I currently don't have AE installed could you please render it?
  10. Carl

    Verry useful. Could I ask you to make a couple changes? Use this font: http://www.dafont.com/bebas-kai.font Theme it around the LegacyAim colors: 309DED, 267DBC, 0C426D. Dossent have to be a total makeover. Just add them to your color plate. And get me the project file.
  11. Carl

    Stop using that ugly fancy text and I might be able to take it seriously.
  12. Carl

    I added it to the post ;)
  13. Carl

    I will take a free account any day kappa