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    PUBG my friend! I want to rek sum knubs in pubg. pew! pew! ;)
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    +1 :)))
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    I think it was highly requested?
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    So no stream proof??
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    I didn`t know what to call it ok lol
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    Spectating me list: Simple a list with names of players who are spectating you. So if 2 people is dead in your team you can see if they are spectating you or anyone else. If they are spectating you they are on the list if they suddenly stops spectating you and is spectating someone else that person dissapears from the list. (Would be nice if you could move this and decide where on the screen you want it). Example: https://i.gyazo.com/392835564257c7a59531e79d8a2ab2b1.png Grenade Lines: Simply like the Grenade Assist but I want the lines AFTER the grenades. So if a enemy throws a smoke, flash etc I can see where the flash came from and where it bounced etc. maybe you could change color of the line? Example: https://i.gyazo.com/7f9daa7ef9fb58fda4c3287c2cde9257.png Skin/Glove changer supported for Windows 7: This is self explained.