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    Oh thankyou, haha I must have missed it :/.. Awkward!
  2. I was thinking about maybe making a section or thread/s dedicated to posting configs. Maybe we could have like "Legit" and "Rage" separated sections, I've seen a lot of subscribers posting threads about their personal configs and I think it could reduce clutter and keep the site more tidy if we had somewhere dedicated to configs. Just an idea, hope this is considered! Thanks ;)
  3. Zeadows

    This sounds a bit challenging, maybe you could try and stick to using only one specific computer at this cyber cafe. Otherwise to my knowledge, considering you can't change hwid for 2 weeks each time you do it, maybe you should invest in a personal computer; it would make it a lot easier.
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    No worries bro, my pleasure.
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    I have never bought a csgo cheat in my life, I have 8 banned accounts (1 vac the rest overwatch) and I'll be honest, I am so glad that I invested the 17aud or so to buy this so that I don't have to worry about getting banned. This cheat has everything that a good cheat needs, anti-aim, spinbot, legit aimbot, misc, visual, hell it even has a skinchanger. now I don't mean to sound as if this cheat is a god cheat that will destroy every other hack, although with the right config it can get kills on some of the best spinbots out there (test on hvh servers), it is an amazing cheat for the price and I can guarantee you I am going to buy lifetime edition when I get some money! It will be sad when my 1-month subscription runs out because I am having so much fun just legit-hacking and top fragging every game without even being called out! The community is great with people dropping configs and if you see someone with a config you like, just message them and they will probably reply with theirs! The only thing I can recommend that I know is being worked on by the devs is tweaking things like the pSilent, the Autowall settings, and triggerbot (I noticed it sometimes tries to shoot through walls) but as I said, i've seen that the devs are working really hard to tweak this cheat to perfection! If you're considering getting into the paid cheat market, I would 110% recommend this as your first-time cheat. Thankyou LegacyAim devs for making this month so fun! 11/10 compared to any free cheat I've found