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    Nissan R34 GTR Toyota Subaru BRZ Toyota Supra 2020
  2. Yeah, I saw it on 'Journey' right after posting the review. (y) UI deserves a 10 instead. Updated the review.
  3. Another thing I love about the Staff on LegacyAim - Any criticism received is always taken at a constructive standpoint in order to further improve on the systems. Thanks @@Zlitz !
  4. My LegacyAim Journey and Honest Opinions I first subscribed to LegacyAim in March 2017. That's more than a year of being in the LegacyAim community. I first purchased this cheat because the price was reasonable, there was a lifetime subscription option, the community was relatively small (to my knowledge), and the community seemed helpful. I won't lie, shit did hit the fan once when we got hit by a Vac wave, and there was a relatively long wait before the cheat was back up and running. There were also a few downtimes here and there, considering the times when the cheat was preeeetty unusable or incomplete. Many feel that good things come to those who wait, I guess I'm just one of those impatient pricks. Don't get me wrong, when the cheat was relatively stable and bugs were ironed out back when the previous dev was around pre-vacwave, it was FUCKIN' AMAZIN'. Such was the quality of the cheat back then. Reasonably priced, Affordable, Quality was great, Community was bangin'. A little further down the line after the previous dev left, the role was tossed around once or twice if I recall correctly, before what I feel was a temporary, rushed, stand-in cheat was coded up and slapped onto the site. I wasn't exactly pleased to be extremely honest. It was at this point I felt like my money wasn't well spent, and somewhere deep down, I thought LegacyAim was on the road to its end. In a community where positivity is rampant, I did not want to toss in my negative opinions to create uncalled-for panic. I decided to be quiet and wait while soontmwas tossed around almost daily. And then it finally fuckin' happened - LegacyCore was released. I'm not a coder by any means, and while I appreciate the efforts of the LegacyAim team, it feels as if the upgrades implemented did not require such a long time to release. HOWEVER, the cheat is now more comprehensive and user-friendly in its functions and looks like it is on its way to overtaking other legit cheat providers given it was JUST released. All in all, my experience with LegacyAim has been very bittersweet. Everything about LegacyAim is pretty damn great. The only complaint I have is the long lead-time for updates, upgrades, fixes and releases. And that's pretty major. Overall LegacyAim Non-Cheat related experience: 6.5/10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cheat Functions Ratings Note that my ratings are for the CURRENT version and release of LegacyCore. Aimbot: 8/10 I use this with a low FOV on pistols and SMGs. My experience with this has been relatively top-notch, except for some weird flicky change of bones when I use it with SMGs while spraying. RCS: 9/10 It's been great, but there's room for improvement as even with maxed out Recoil Control settings, the spread is rather erratic at times. Triggerbot: 10/10 I don't use the Triggerbot AT ALL. But when I did just to test it, it did work. User interface: 10/10 Though it is in its early stages of development, I find that the UI is very user-friendly. I do like several aspects of the UI, including how the functions have been organized and the ability to customize several ESP colours etc. Visuals: 6/10 It's all mostly there - everything you need to know where the players are. However, LegacyCore is marketed as a Legit Cheat. The visuals are still missing several key features that qualify to classify the Visuals in the 'Legit' category. "Standalone Visible-only Chams", "Radar", "Sound esp", etc etc. While some may argue certain features aren't required, it is always ALWAYS subjective. Miscellaneous: 3/10 I'm only going to rate the Skin Changer in this, because I don't use anything else. Obviously needs alot more work, especially with basic stuff like updating the skins list, and clearing out bugs. Knifechanger is still due to be released. Community: 10/10 Great foken people. What more can I say? Safety: 10/10 Cheats get detected eventually. They just do. It's a risk you should have accepted if you wanted to cheat in the first place. Given the frequency of banwaves, LegacyAim is considered 10/10 when it comes to safety. Overall LegacyAim Cheat related experience: 8.25/10 Special Thanks to: @@Zlitz @@Rufle @@Unique @@Cosmo @@Zev and everyone who made my LegacyAim Journey a great one so far. (because without 'so far', it sounds like I'm saying goodbye LOL)
  5. Secretos

    Would prefer not to :\ Framerate problems.
  6. Secretos

    PUBG Cheat confirmed illuminati illuminati illuminati
  7. Secretos

    +1 Core because layers can be added. Where are the stream proof visuals ):
  8. Secretos

    By the looks of it, your desktop isn't exactly 'new'.. With a 2nd Gen i7 Processor and a R7 series AMD GFX, I wouldn't expect to be able to play CSGO smoothly even at low settings. Expect to hit a choppy 70fps to 100fps. I think an upgrade is due.
  9. Secretos

    Happy new year to you too Zlitz, and to everyone else!
  10. Secretos

    Requesting for Skinchanger Paintkit Codes It'll make it so much easier to change our skins :D
  11. Secretos

    I'd say a nicer and more user friendly version of radar as compared to every other one out there. I've never really learnt how to use it because of how fugly and weird it looked.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qMg6UqUBKI Thoughts?
  13. Secretos

    Uh.. I disagree. It's far from done. Hence, it's classfied as BETA.
  14. Secretos

    As much as I don't disagree with supporting what you guys want, I think they should go in line with "Focusing on what matters". Perfecting the Legitbot first, and then bringing back the rest of the features. Good luck with your petition mates.