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  1. Secretos

    Nissan R34 GTR Toyota Subaru BRZ Toyota Supra 2020
  2. Secretos

    Would prefer not to :\ Framerate problems.
  3. Secretos

    PUBG Cheat confirmed illuminati illuminati illuminati
  4. Secretos

    +1 Core because layers can be added. Where are the stream proof visuals ):
  5. Secretos

    By the looks of it, your desktop isn't exactly 'new'.. With a 2nd Gen i7 Processor and a R7 series AMD GFX, I wouldn't expect to be able to play CSGO smoothly even at low settings. Expect to hit a choppy 70fps to 100fps. I think an upgrade is due.
  6. Secretos

    Happy new year to you too Zlitz, and to everyone else!
  7. Secretos

    Requesting for Skinchanger Paintkit Codes It'll make it so much easier to change our skins :D
  8. Secretos

    I'd say a nicer and more user friendly version of radar as compared to every other one out there. I've never really learnt how to use it because of how fugly and weird it looked.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qMg6UqUBKI Thoughts?
  10. Secretos

    Uh.. I disagree. It's far from done. Hence, it's classfied as BETA.
  11. Secretos

    As much as I don't disagree with supporting what you guys want, I think they should go in line with "Focusing on what matters". Perfecting the Legitbot first, and then bringing back the rest of the features. Good luck with your petition mates.
  12. Secretos

    Woah dude, sorry bout that. Best wishes
  13. Secretos

    Happy birthday rowk!
  14. Secretos

    I obtained the concept from google images, yes. But I modified the design, made it high res, modified the texture of the flat black, and practically changed the whole head. That's the difference between what I've done and what you've done. Not really the same tbh. PS: I never wanted the money. Just ask @@Cosmo. I am only doing these as a hobby. Trust me when I say you wouldn't be able to afford to pay me for my time. But given that this is how things have turned out, I'd probably never work on any graphics request given on this forum. Toxic af man, it's sad.