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  2. Gildarts

    Imgui >> it's the true.
  3. Gildarts

  4. Gildarts

    yoo, we have a new 50cent here
  5. Gildarts

    toirplus.com none ban.
  6. Gildarts

    when to kill someone "{Player} Ohh, you dead i'm so sorry for you. You knows the LA? xD" when to kill someone "One more for my account" when to kill someone "{Player} Owned for LA boyz" when to kill someone "Lol, the aimbot actually worked with {player}" "{Player's} reportboted by LA" or fake reportbot for all enemys
  7. my knif is available for 50$ and i have 50$ i need more 50$ for ex ed xD
  8. Gildarts

    oh, it is good. I think already have. xD
  9. Gildarts

    +1 what is World ESP? xD
  10. Gildarts

    Avatar - 154x154 Background - 1133.5x500
  11. Gildarts

    hi boyz, good luck again and daddy love you.
  12. Gildarts

    Okay, 00:00 AM (BR) i choose the winner. xD GLHF.
  13. Gildarts

    Last day boys xD
  14. Gildarts

    full memes here :v