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    VacNet only gets triggered if you have a bad trust factor or a lot of reports. It could ban you by sending the matches (recent or older) to overwatch and getting your account permanently banned. What you could do? Try to play as legit as possible by using good settings and chams only so nobody reports you. Don't use always the same guns and don't go for headshots only. VacNet stores all your bans that means the next time you are going to buy a new account it will be already triggered and it can ban you. What you could do? STEP 1: 1. Go to the search bar 2. Write "Run" (alternatively pressing Win+R) 3. Inside that write "Regedit" 4. Find the folder "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Valve/Steam/Users" 5. Inside that, you will see a lot of folders with different numbers, delete them all STEP 2: 1. Find your Steam Application. 2. Right Click -> Proprieties -> Find Target 3. Find the file ClientRegistry.blob and delete it STEP 3: 1. Go to the search bar again. 2. Write "Run" (alternatively pressing Win+R) 3. Inside that write "%temp%" 4. Remove all folders. 5. Do the same for "%appdata%" STEP 4: 1. Download CCLEANER . 2. Clean your computer cookies & caches! 3. Unplug your internet cable/Disconnect from your WI-FI. 4. [RESTART YOUR PC/LAPTOP] & Use your internet again 😉 HAPPY HACKING ! -ExEnN
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    Because we play legit :p we don't rage hack...
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  11. When using our CSGO Cheat (or any CSGO cheat), you must understand that: Cheating is a risk While using cheats you risk having your account suspended or banned. This is in the nature of cheating video games, and no cheat can guarantee you otherwise. Don't risk something you can't afford to lose Using the cheat on an account with a valuable inventory, would cause your items to become untradable, in other words you lose them. Use a smurf Whenever possible you should use a smurf account or an account that is not precious to you. Prime accounts You should never link more than 1 account to your phone number, because if 1 account gets banned, they all get banned. Hide your ass Before using our cheats in matchmaking, please take some time to review your gameplay as a spectator would, otherwise you risk being reported by spectators and Overwatch banned.
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