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  1. theLKCLANHQ

    bringing this back
  2. theLKCLANHQ

    https://gyazo.com/8a596c87fee10156f8759cc1a325a5c3 grey is best to use for the window color
  3. theLKCLANHQ

    cant wait for the update! i finally have an account that i can cheat on :D
  4. theLKCLANHQ

  5. theLKCLANHQ

    PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
  6. theLKCLANHQ

    i was gonna make another post like a bug report but if you want i can include them at the bottom ^-^
  7. theLKCLANHQ

    LegitBot (including RCS and TriggerBot) 9.7/10 LegitBot is great and for the TriggerBot i don't use it but have tested it and it works fine. RCS only works on high FOV so if there are more then one enemy it will lock straight on to the next Visuals 9.8/10 got everything you need why its not a 10/10 is listed at the bottom Misc 10/10 would like to see a legit strafe bhop but other then that its great! Skins 10/10 works and no FPS problems :D Security And Staff 11/10 the security and staff is the best out there! never been VAC banned when legit cheating the staff are respectful to all members unlike most cheat providers out there OVERALL: 9.8/10 i'll include my config too (based off ZoLegit) :D LK Legit.txt
  8. theLKCLANHQ

    multiparrot klappa soontm PogChamp
  9. theLKCLANHQ

    would it be OBS proof when you add that function? might start recording/streaming kappahd
  10. theLKCLANHQ


    i love green and black
  11. theLKCLANHQ


    cant have it at 0.500 must be 1.000 or it will reset to 0.000
  12. theLKCLANHQ

  13. theLKCLANHQ

    fortnite, world of tanks and R6 i would also play PUBG but i get a error trying to run it ^-^ give all these a go bud ;)
  14. theLKCLANHQ

    skins = wins after all kappa
  15. theLKCLANHQ

    the progress is awesome i must say