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  1. theLKCLANHQ

    welcome my brother!
  2. theLKCLANHQ

    if anything put a download button and subscriber panel above topics
  3. theLKCLANHQ

    its good for what features we have right now but i'll be updating it when i change stuff rage.json
  4. theLKCLANHQ

    use it as it is or use it as a base for yours. i used the one on here (forgot which one 😄) as a base for mine but made it look a bit more legit in my opinion :3 (for remastered cheat) LK.json
  5. sponsor or not i plan on making videos when my pc is fully fixed and upgraded, legit and hvh if i can get an invite in the future 🙂
  6. theLKCLANHQ

    bringing this back
  7. theLKCLANHQ

    https://gyazo.com/8a596c87fee10156f8759cc1a325a5c3 grey is best to use for the window color
  8. theLKCLANHQ

    cant wait for the update! i finally have an account that i can cheat on :D
  9. theLKCLANHQ

  10. theLKCLANHQ

    PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
  11. theLKCLANHQ

    multiparrot klappa soontm PogChamp
  12. theLKCLANHQ

    would it be OBS proof when you add that function? might start recording/streaming kappahd
  13. theLKCLANHQ


    i love green and black
  14. theLKCLANHQ


    cant have it at 0.500 must be 1.000 or it will reset to 0.000