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  1. Unique

    I honestly like every review but this is really short and you don't really go into detail what you like, what you don't like and what you think can be improved or is even missing. Please update your review and make it more in depht if you want the 3 days of free subscription.
  2. please help me dude i can not login! please remove the Space between my name!

  3. Unique

    Hello @17h, there currently is no coupon code for new users. All of the features you listed are available in our cheat. The last detection is listed here: http://community.legacyaim.com/index.php?app=serverstatus
  4. Unique

    Thank you for the time writing this review and telling us your opinion! ^_^ We are constantly trying to improve our product and with opinions like this we see where issues are and can take care of them. +1
  5. Unique

    Hello @Slut, no that's not possible for obvious reasons.
  6. Unique

    Hello [member=MistySeas], we have been undetected for more than 9 months as you can see here: http://community.legacyaim.com/index.php?app=serverstatus Although the chance is always there we are constantly trying to improve our software and security, so you're not likely to receive a ban but it can theoretically still happen. Using an USB stick to store the cheat is the most you can do to minimize the chances of a VAC ban. Do you have any more questions?
  7. Unique

    A head dot would easily be possible but when they're using Anti-Aim you need to resolve the actual position and because we don't offer any rage features that will not gonna happen.
  8. Unique

    Skyrim with mods hehe
  9. Unique

    I personally like playing ARK:SE. Lots of things to do and you can customize many things to your likings, and if you don't like playing alone then either join a server or rent one and play with friends :) Giving a description of the game would be too long, if you haven't heard of it go look it up :P
  10. Unique

    It's internal as @rasexz said, you got any more questions?
  11. Unique

    No it does not support ESEA
  12. Unique

    Private is basically a per game subscription and doesn't include every cheat we offer. This was asked and answered many times. Your subscription will be left untouched we're just removing the option to buy exclusive edition. Most likely yes. That's something that's hard to predict but we try and plan it so the initial amount of slots wont be changed so yes only chance to get in when it's full is to wait for someone to leave.
  13. Unique

    Hello @smoki, thanks for the suggestion we're still working to get the cheat out of beta and have still a lot of features planned. What you suggested will definitely be added at some point. ;)
  14. Unique

    Really great video quality. The only thing I didn't quite like was the usage of the word best, as things like "best community", "best Staff" etc. are things that don't really exist. They're just opinions and there really isn't a best anything, but I think we're doing a great job so far ^_^ Nonetheless I really like the video.