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  1. 38 minutes ago, Analwax said:

    No Spread is possible actually. Look up Interwebz I used to use them like a month ago. they hard a perfect no spread for mm

    On official servers it isn't.

    You say they "had", that's correct but not anymore.
    Not a single provider has it for the simple reason that it's not possible.

  2. 1 hour ago, Analwax said:

    I like to sometimes when legit hacking is to have the aimbot off and nospread and norecoil because it can be helpful and would like to see this feature added in future.

    No spread is not possible on official servers and no recoil is basically RCS standalone on 100% so no need to add it.

  3. Hello [member=MistySeas],


    we have been undetected for more than 9 months as you can see here: http://community.legacyaim.com/index.php?app=serverstatus



    Am I likely to receive a VAC ban? What is the best way to minimise the risk of receiving one and how?


    Although the chance is always there we are constantly trying to improve our software and security, so you're not likely to receive a ban but it can theoretically still happen.

    Using an USB stick to store the cheat is the most you can do to minimize the chances of a VAC ban.


    Do you have any more questions?

  4. I personally like playing ARK:SE.
    Lots of things to do and you can customize many things to your likings, and if you don't like playing alone then either join a server or rent one and play with friends :)

    Giving a description of the game would be too long, if you haven't heard of it go look it up   :P

  5. whtcha mean by wont support every game?


    Private is basically a per game subscription and doesn't include every cheat we offer.


    And lifetime users will be Advance users or Private?


    Thank you


    This was asked and answered many times. Your subscription will be left untouched we're just removing the option to buy exclusive edition.


    Private will be the only option for the next game you release cheats for?

    Limited spots, will you add new slots over time or will be a strict amount and only when a subscriber leaves will another slot become available?


    Most likely yes. That's something that's hard to predict but we try and plan it so the initial amount of slots wont be changed so yes only chance to get in when it's full is to wait for someone to leave.


  6. Really great video quality. The only thing I didn't quite like was the usage of the word best, as things like "best community", "best Staff" etc. are things that don't really exist. They're just opinions and there really isn't a best anything, but I think we're doing a great job so far    ^_^


    Nonetheless I really like the video.

  7. Thanks for the suggestions but they aren't needed right now. The cheat isn't even done yet to be officially released and when it is we still have a bunch of features that will get added over time.

    As we wont have any rage features any time soon your rage suggestions are currently irrelevant :) I don't want to leak too much but the useful things you suggested are either already something we are planning to do or will get added to the list.   sladie


    So just be patient as making these features takes time.

  8. How u know if i got report botted huh ? False rumors lol fuck off im just saying i got banned im not trying to be a bitch about it so stop fucking makeing me look bad bitch


    First and only warning, don't insult others or actions will be taken.


    He just said that the 100 Points is "bullcrap" and that you shouldn't spread false information, no need to insult him for that.


    FYI I've reached 100 points in a decent amount of my games and never got banned, although I'm not using any walls I'm sure that I would have been banned for aimbot if I got into OW.

  9. Hello @Tobby,


    you can see all the differences right here: http://community.legacyaim.com/topic/6020-introducing-lite-edition/


    You'll only get delay banned when you use the cheat while it's already detected, which is really unlikely as our cheat is completely new and still evolving.


    Nothing is 100% safe but I see the chances of anyone getting VAC banned any time soon really low, but if you actually care about your main then I would advise you to not even cheat on that account.