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    This will get added in the future, however currently other things have a higher priority so you have to be patient for some time (y)
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    This could have easily ended at 0:06 instead of being 20 seconds for an intro, anyways good job I always like to see the work from other people +1
  3. Unique

    1. Not yet but it will be added in the future 2. I don't know for sure but I don't think so 3. No 4. If your system is not complete trash it will work, however if you get a trial or not is up to @@Zlitz to decide
  4. Unique

    1) No pets since like 5 years 2) What I like about the internet is to be semi-anonymous so I only say I'm more than legal kappa . I unfortunately had to quit university in applied computer science because of money and family issues which means I'm looking for a job currently. Some goals would be to get a job I enjoy doing and helping my mother out with the money I will earn. 3) I observe most situations in a different way than others (seeing things others don't, having details in mind others don't etc.) and can judge situations without being influenced by any factors or emotions. I'm basically never angry while in a conversation and respect each person and their opinion. (If I play games things can be different hehe ) @@Cosmo What lie do you repeatedly tell yourself? Edit for answer: Somewhat decent, I had nothing to complain about, even though I just had "basic stuff" compared to others I still had all what I really needed, had no health issues and had some really good friends I now lost due to distance and disagreements.
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    The invisible weapon config tab kappa v6 Skinchanger, I've never seen such a design before, although I can't test it myself I'm pretty sure it's convenient to change skins.
  6. Unique

    If a feature gets requested by multiple users it will most likely be made in the future.
  7. Unique

    +1 Finally, let's see what is missing from my thread :P Although I'm really looking forward to the release, I doubt it will be the "best possible rage product the industry has seen". But LE is a legit cheat to me anyways, so I don't care if it wouldn't be able to compete with the top tier cheats in HvH. Thanks to everyone from the LegacyAim Team for your work.
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    Weird video but good song IMO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XK4v2fgMPU
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    Exactly my opinion +1
  10. Unique

    I've played against one. I don't know how he can enjoy the game when he's lagging on purpose just for that exploit. Although it seems cool I'm pretty sure that only a small amount of users will even use this and the ones who use it will easily be banned by either OW or VAC when they make an update to fix that exploit. On some other forums users are begging for this being added and I just scratch my head and think to myself why? It should get fixed anyways so what's the point for the coder to waste time in implementing something that is obvious as hell and will get fixed in no time when it's too much of a problem for Valve. I like to cheat and support most kind of cheaters and their opinion but this is something I can't agree with, that's why I even mailed this in a detailed form to Valve as this is game breaking and csgo wouldn't be fun when everyone just camps on site to defuse instantly or rush a site every time to instantly plant.
  11. LA New Framework Feature Requests: As I never rage, all my suggestions will be related towards legit. Aimbot: - [Checklist] Multibox -> Select mutiple bones to aim on [High] - Multibox aim style [Medium] -> near crosshair, most damage, lowest damage, priority (select which bone to priorities when all are visible/in range, if 1 is not visible aim at 2nd..) - [Toggle] Aim/Trigger on Team (in MM, yes I'm serious) [Medium] - [Toggle] Don't switch target after entity death [High] - Delay between new target (no instant target switch) [High] - Distance based FOV (maybe multiple settings based on distance) [Low] -> Especially pSilent is obvious as hell on long distances and useless close combat -> With multiple settings you use a low fov on long to not be too obvious and high on short distance to still be effective - Aim time [Medium] - Aimbot Curve Factor [Medium] - Aimbot Humanized Factor [Low] RCS: - Enable/Disable RCS after x/y shots [Medium] -> 3 options (start after x, stop after y, start after x and stop after y) - Split RCS into pitch and yaw [High] - [Toggle] RCS crosshair reset [Medium] -> Drags the crosshair where it roughly was before started spraying - RCS crosshair reset factor [Medium] Triggerbot: - Trigger Smokecheck/Flashcheck [Medium] -> Shoot if enemy is visible for x% so it still shoots for instance when the whole leg is visible in the smoke - Trigger Delay Randomized between x and y milliseconds [Low] -> As a human never has always the exact same reaction time, the trigger should neither - Trigger Burst with randomize (Trigger shoots between x and y milliseconds) [Low] - Trigger Overburst with randomize (Trigger shoots after entity death or out of crosshair between x and y milliseconds) [Low] - More Trigger/Aim hitboxes (hand, lower arm, upper arm etc.) [High] ESP: - Toggle each option (Weapon, Steam id etc.) [Medium] - Display position for each option [Low] -> Right, left, below, above - Show only when visible for each option [Low] -> i.e. show health only when visible but still show esp boxes etc. through the wall - Status Defusing (self explanatory) [Medium] - Has Defuse Kit ESP [Medium] - Different Armor bar color for the armor type (Kevlar/Helm) [Low] - Show Money (if it's even still possible) [Low] - Step ESP (could send Video of a good looking one) [Low] -> Show some circles around the feet of the enemy who is making step noise - Grenade ESP [Medium] -> Shows the grenade name while thrown. -> enable/disable for each kind of grenade Visuals: - Weapon ESP [Medium] - [Checklist] Select which weapons to show instead of all [Low] - [Toggle] Weapon Name only (instead of distance and a box like other providers) [Medium] - Grenade Tracer [Medium] -> show a line where your grenade will fly - Grenade impact area [Medium] -> show a circle/dot/cross where the enemy nade will land -> enable/disable for each kind of grenade - Ability to change the recoil crosshair, it's size and color (cross, circle, dot) [Medium] - [Toggle] Radar Disable Grid [Low] - [Toggle] Radar Disable window [Low] -> so you just have a horizontal and vertical line - [Toggle] show active bones/hitboxes for aimbot/triggerbot [Medium] -> display a dot on each active bone Misc: - Custom Bunnyhop mode [Low] -> Set the percentage on how often it should hit the perfect tick -> percentage on a successful hop, but not perfect -> percentage on complete fail (doesn't jump at all) -> i.e. set it to 50/40/10 then the cheat has a 50% chance to hit the hop perfectly, 40% to hop normally and 10% to fail. - Bhop mode for SMAC [Low] No category: - Separate config for the skin changer so people can easily share/change their skin settings. [Medium] - 2 settings for Aim/Trigger (never saw this in any cheat but it would be so good to have) [Low] -> So you could set one to legit which is always active (Mouse 1) and the other one to semi rage on press (Oh I got "lucky" :P ) -> This would also be useful on LANs (Aim on Mouse 1 and a spot key to lock on enemies through walls) - Player Recognize list [Low] -> Players added into the this list will be in a different color, so you recognize them when they change their name/picture and you get matched against them in MM again. -> could roughly be made like this "http://i.gyazo.com/270f1e36df907e2776cffca38216af4a.png" - Cheat console [Medium] -> So you can bind keys to toggle features (esp for instance) without going into the menu (toggle/activate while pressed) -> And change settings via console command (this is extremely useful for people who don't like uneven numbers) -> This also would allow quick config changes if you'd want someone else's ESP settings for instance but keep your other settings. - Weapon settings (each weapon can have different aim and trigger settings) [High] -> Or you could also make weapon groups (rifle,sniper etc.) and let the user create new ones and assign specific weapons to it - Custom Chat Spam with selectable delay [Low] - LAN mode [Low] -> ingame menu and all visuals are completely disabled so you can not accidentally bring it up and get yourself busted ;) -> different config for LAN mode [Low] Reload feature to change the config without a menu for LAN [Low] -> pressing a key, up arrow for instance, will reload the config and apply any made changes - Unique Edit: (added from other posts) - Spectator Window (Thanks to ) [High] - Different Knives for CT/T [Medium]