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  2. Jek

    buy like $20 of keys and go to csgo gem. try to get lucky
  3. Jek

    Maybe some way to tie into GoTV connections and use their xray to see all players at all times, if that's possible
  4. Jek

    Can you add an option for chams so that they're only visible when the player is visible? Right now if you check legit mode all visuals will disappear until visible. I play with box esp to know where they are, and chams to see if I could hit them.
  5. Jek


    hi A New I'm Alex
  6. Maybe a scope crosshare? So it doesn't disappear when you have an awp or scout un-scoped
  7. Jek

    "I am legit" "Are you guys throwing?" "It's called gamesence" can ya add a custom feature? like a text box that you can input a message and it will spam it
  8. Jek

    Tried? I spent a good party of my day making this logo. I had to watch tutorials online, and google terms I didn't even know. I purchased Photoshop to make this. I did TRY. HARD. This is the best thing I have ever made in my life, and this makes me feel better about being a disappointment to my family.
  9. Jek

    This took me 5 hours, It's the best you'll find
  10. Jek

    https://gyazo.com/83eb01aeecc505975c871db36e462320 I'll dm you my paypal
  11. Jek

    1. Account Creation Date: 15 May 2017 2. Essay: 3. Art / GFX: 4. Active Subscription?: [Yes/No] No, But I will get reimbursed after the new cheat becomes online. I won the subscription in this giveaway. http://community.legacyaim.com/topic/5826-video-competition-giveaway/
  12. Jek

    Without any external assistance lol on an unranked queued with silver 3s
  13. Jek

    What if we already have an active subscription from a giveaway? Will we get the tag?