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  1. Hey, I haven't seen any posts about this (haven't checked o.o) but yeah is it possible for you to add settings so we can change auto strafe so it can go backwards and sideways etc :) Not an important feature its just nice to have tbh.
  2. Cazza

    I dunt got dis
  3. Cazza

    PUBG :D even though i have 1 xD
  4. Cazza

    True Fere is a good guy, But doesn't seem to be working as hard on EXT anymore dude. Normally a ban wave every 6 month for EXT.
  5. Cazza

    It doesn't work right now anyway CS:GO updated so Rufle has to update the cheat.
  6. Cazza

    Damn, Good work didn't even notice the texture on the black background till I set it as my desktop bg xD
  7. Cazza

    Ty for giveaway frend Pepe