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LegacyAim LegacyAim CSGO Remastered Beta

Released 11/08/2018

Key Changes

Dear Legacy Aimers, I am excited to announce that our complete recode of the CSGO cheat is finally ready to be tested by the community. We are making the new edition of the cheat available during development so that we can adjust the new design using your feedback. It's also very important that bugs and crashes are reported early on so that we can ensure the reliability of the cheat upon release.

Why build from scratch instead of fixing the current cheat?

During the evolution of the current cheat's codebase, the maintainability of the project and the overall quality of the code decreased. This can be attributed to the lack of a direction in terms of software architecture, which resulted in a crazy "spaghetti" codebase that's very hard to work with. Combined with the consistent use of unsafe code, unsafe hooking and lack of thread safety, it becomes almost impossible for us to debug random crashes and rare bugs. The project also has a lot of dead code and duplicated code, and doesn't take advantage of modern C++ features to maximize performance as well as readability and evolutivity. For example, in order to add a single checkbox setting, there's about 4 files to edit in different places. The new config system will only require 1 localized edit in the feature's respective class.

The other main reason is that we need a base architecture that will be consistent across different game hacks. We are planning to expand to other games, and when we do so, we will need basic features that aren't game-dependent, such as a configuration system, color schemes, a menu system, a hooking library, a shoutbox feature, etc.. Having a clear layout that we can reuse between games is going to speed up development for future cheats.

What features are currently available in the new version?

Just a few visual and misc features will be available from the get-go. However, we will be working hard to implement every feature currently available in the current version. We also have plans for new features.

What to do when I find a problem?

Rport it in the appropriate sub-forum.

Make sure to backup the relevant crashdump if you're reporting a crash. The dumps are located in /Program Files (x86)\Steam\dumps. 

Who will have access to the beta?

Everyone who has an active subscription to a cheat will have it as an option within the launcher. You should only load it if you're ready to face missing features, bugs and crashes that come with beta testing. Note that there is no security drawback from using the beta version.