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  • Website Security

    Just like our cheat security we are not going to go fully public with our security and our procedures.

    However publicly you can see at LegacyAim we make sure we are using HTTPS for pages and information that is transmitting sensitive information, we want your payment information to be safe pre and after checkout.  All subscribers are forced to enable 2-step authentication to protect there account, once you are a subscriber we try our very best to make sure you protect that investment as much as possible.

    Thanks to our subscriber panel, you can see every cheat authentication logs to make sure no one else is using your authentication for the cheat.

    Cheat Security

    Generally We do not publicly state any methods or technology we use to secure our service from our supported Anti-cheats, but you can be sure we use heavy measures to stay undetected. Please bare in mind, any cheat can get detected at any given time. Private, P2C, or slotted based cheats. However your best chances to survive any detection's is with us, LegacyAim.

    No logs

    We do not log your personal information at all! Several other cheat providers take screenshots of your PC, stores your login information and much more...
    We only store information from you that can help assist any issues you might have with our services.

    Always up to date

    If any issue occurs when you are using our service, then you can contact our staff. They are always here to help you whenever you need it the most. We also have many unique community applications which you can use to keep up to date with our services.
    English and German official supported!