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  1. ----AIMBOT---- Enable {X} AutoFire AutoPistol Auto Revolver Fov Range SilentAim ----Target---- Selection : Closest To Crosshair,Distance,Low HP. Friendly Fire HitBox: Head,Neck,Body,Spine 04,03,02,01,Random. Hitscan: Basic,High. ----Accuracy---- AutoStop AutoScope No Spread Remove Recoil (No Recoil) AutoWall Damage 1-100% Resolver: (m_angEyeAngles[0] for Pitch and m_angEyeAngles[1] for Yaw). Hitchance 1-100% ----Anti-Aimbot---- Enable {X} Pitch YAW Flip AA on Hit Anti Resolver ------------------------------- ----Misc---- Thirdperson 3D ClanTagChanger Animated ("LEGACYAIM.COM") No Name (Blank name) Name Stealer (Stealing Names of players) Name Changer (Spamming people names in the scoreboard every 0.5sec) ClanTagTimer (Clock) Fake Lag: Factor,Aggressive,On Swicth. BunnyHop: Legit,Medium,Rage. ----BuyBot---- Enable {X} Buy Bot (Weapons) Buy Grenades : Molotov + Nade + FlashBang,Decoy,Smoke,Random. Buy Armor Buy Defuse Kit WalkBot ----Other---- Name Colored : [ADMIN] before the name,Simple. BacktrackingOP Watermark "LEGACYAIM.COM - LITE EDITION" , "LEGACYAIM.COM - ADVANCED EDITION" , "LEGACYAIM - EXCLUSIVE EDITION". FastSwitch Weapons SoundESP AutoDefusing *If you had the time 10secs or 5secs* -------------------------------- ----VISUAL---- DOT HEAD ESP Tab Rank Reveal Is Defusing Is Scoped Has Defuser Anti-Stream (This feature will hide the wallhack while you're streaming) Asus-Walls (With Colors) ----Other---- Sniper Crosshair (Scout,Auto) Grenade Trajectory Night mode SpectatorList Remove Scope (No Scope) RadarHack (in the radar) Viewmodel Fov Changer 0-100 Field Of View Changer 0-180 @@Zlitz , @@Rufle , @@Divine .