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Found 29 results

  1. Ferow

    Community & Staff: 9/10 I have recently got legacy again, I used to have a subscription almost a year ago and I always had help or a reply to any questions I asked. Aimbot: 7/10 I don't really use aimbot much. Hitbox Triggerbot: 8/10 The triggerbot is good but sometimes it doesn't shoot, this rarely happens. Visual ESP: 7/10 The visuals are good but can sometimes twitch and flicker. other than flickers it's good. Miscellaneous: 10/10 I only use rank reveal on miscellaneous but I now and again use recoil crosshair and that has no problems for me. Configuration & Cosmetics: 10/10 I think to menu is very user friendly and and the cosmetics are very good.
  2. hintdump

    Community & Staff: 10/10 Great staff here. Can't complain much Aimbot: 7/10 Aimbot is pretty good. Everything works accordingly, but one issue I had was that sporadically the aimbot wouldn't work. Not too happy about its consistency. Hitbox Triggerbot: NA Didn't use triggerbot Visual ESP: 10/10 The walls worked great no complaints. Really like the customization with the colors and different options Miscellaneous: 10/10 The other small things worked great. Bhop scripts were excellent. Skin changer was good but complaint regarding it. More at the bottom Configuration & Cosmetics: 8/10 UI was nice. One thing that bothered me was my aimbot settings did not save. I had to add my settings every time . Frankly, this didn't affect me since I didnt use the aimbot, but something to note. Other: 7/10 This cheat is not detectable by VAC so + for that. One thing that really bugged me is this I purchased the advanced edition mainly for its skin changer aspect. I wanted to try new skins without having to pay hundreds on them. When I first downloaded the advanced edition, the skin changer didn't work for gloves or knifes. I reported this and the devs fixed it in 2 weeks. I feel like I was ripped off since legacyaim false advertised 'skin changer', and that it took almost half the duration of my subscription to fix the issue. Another thing that bugs me is that legacyaim has no hvh features. I understand that it is built around legit-hacking, but it will always be nice to have the option to spinbot. Also, really nice features added such as chatbot and MM confirm bot.
  3. Druggist

    Community & Staff: 10/10 Upon discovering this community and provider, I have met some of the most pleasant staff memeber's and consumers of any cheat I've ever owned. The owner Zlitz is truly a gentlemen to communicate with about issues or concerns and FaceSteel is always quick to respond to support with a solution. Aimbot: 10/10 I originally purchased this because I wanted to see how "legit" the aimbot could possibly be. Needless to say, I am very impressed by the humanization of the aimbot and customization down to the decimal. This aimbot is the most legit looking I've seen in years of playing CSGO. Hitbox Triggerbot: 9.5/10 I honestly cannot say much about the TriggerBot as I've only used it a couple of times, when I did use it; it worked flawlessly. Better than the competitors I've tried by far. Visual ESP: 9.5/10 I enjoy the Visual ESP quite a bit, this cheat makes me like chams a little more, I prefer Glow ESP but it's definitely growing on me and doesn't have any bugs / glitches with visuals. Miscellaneous: 10/10 There is an abundant amount of miscellaneous options, the bhop function works flawlessly and feels as smooth as butter. Configuration & Cosmetics: 10/10 This is my second favorite part of the cheat, they give you the options and utilities to completely customize your gui and make it look sleek and to your liking. Other: 10/10 The security of this cheat seems to be very nice, even if it were to get detected I'd be a recurring customer of LegacyAim. If you're looking to be the best Legit cheater out there, this is the one to go with by far.
  4. Community & Staff: 10/10 -The staff in the forums, and in this cheat in general are fantastic!! Whenever I had a question I got an immediate response in under 1 hour.. I was amazed. Aimbot: 10/10 -The aimbot is very well coded. I give props to the dev's because it takes very good skill to make such a great aimbot from scratch. The aimbot is perfect for legit, because it never locks on; never snaps from player to player, and also the aimbot is just very smooth and well humanized. I've so far played 4 Competitive games with the aimbot enabled and I have not been called out once. In conclusion very well done on the aimbot!! Hitbox Triggerbot: 10/10 - Even though I don't use triggerbot that much, I tried it once and I could tell it is very consistent. Has a lot of options on the triggerbot, and it is very well made for very smooth game play. Visual ESP: 10/10 - The visuals on this cheat has everything a cheater would want. They never glitch, never cut out, and they are smooth!! In most cheats the visuals like to glitch, and drop your FPS... But LegacyAim so far has the best visuals I have seen. Very customizable, and lots of options. Miscellaneous: 9/10 - The miscellaneous tab has lots of options but it is also missing some things. For Example, No Spectator List, No Grenade Prediction, etc... But for all of the things that are on the Miscellaneous tab, they are very smooth, and work very well. Great Job On the Misc Tab!! Configuration & Cosmetics: 10/10 - This cheat is very customizable. I love to play around with the colors, and I just love how you can change anything you want in the cheat. The configurations load very quickly and very smoothly, with some of my expieriance with other cheats, they like to freeze while loading a config, and then resume normally. This cheats config system is very smooth, and very quick. Great job on the configs!! Conclusion of the cheat: 9.5/10 - This cheat overall is very well made, and is updated quite frequently. I love how you can customize every little thing in this cheat. All of the options there are on Aimbot, Visuals, and the Miscellaneous tab, are customizable, and they work very well. So far security has been very great this past weekend, and I have not gotten any Untrusted Bans, or Vac Bans. Staff I applaud you guys on all of the hard work you put into this cheat. I look forward into buying lifetime of this cheat, and being apart of this wonderful family.
  5. [ENG:] I try only my setting and legit ! :D Aimbot 10/10 Nice humanizer & fov ,smooth and psilent. Visual 10/10 I like all ESP and the i like this new future "Show DMG" Misc 10/8 Bec. not have namestealer/namehinder, but the bhop it's cool. Skinchanger 10/10 I like this. Perfect ! with lot of skins gloves ,statrak Radar 10/10 I prefer use ingame radar. But looks cool a radar hax! Soo I'm 96% satisfied with hax <3 Best regards Sensy :D (sorry my bad english i'm from hungary!) +1 REP Fast support answer , and easy paying system [HUN:] Aimbot 10/10 Tökéletes "humanizáló" Legit játékra tökéletesen lehet állítani! Visual 10/10 Tökéletes ESP sok választékkal, és imádom, van benne Sebzés mutatás (mutatja pl hogy -26 dmg.) Misc 10/8 Bhop tökéletes és a több pl:fake lag etc., de hiányolom a Namestealer/Namehidert. Skinchanger 10/10 Tökéletes, átlátható és beállításai gyerekjáték. Radar 10/10 Ingame radart preferálom, de a külső radarja is tökéletes. Összegezve: 96% megvagyok vele elégedve. +1 Rep Gyors, könnyű vásárlási lehetőség az oldalon & gyors support válasz! Legnagyobb tisztelettel üdvözöl titeket Sensy <3!
  6. Aimbot rating: 9.5 - Its amazing when you want to legit, dropped 4 30 bombs in a row without getting OW. Triggerbot rating: 7.5 - The triggerbot works pretty well but the delay system makes no sense and you need to be able to put the delay higher. Visuals rating: 9 - Works great, I belive the range could be a bit higher but overall its great considering you can change the colours aswell. Misc rating: 10 - Looks good, works good I like the fake lag and air stuck options. Advancedbot rating: 7 - The advancedbot is pretty good but the anti aims are untrusted and i'm not sure that nospread and no recoil works. The rest of it works great tho and its pretty good for raging.
  7. Zeadows

    I have never bought a csgo cheat in my life, I have 8 banned accounts (1 vac the rest overwatch) and I'll be honest, I am so glad that I invested the 17aud or so to buy this so that I don't have to worry about getting banned. This cheat has everything that a good cheat needs, anti-aim, spinbot, legit aimbot, misc, visual, hell it even has a skinchanger. now I don't mean to sound as if this cheat is a god cheat that will destroy every other hack, although with the right config it can get kills on some of the best spinbots out there (test on hvh servers), it is an amazing cheat for the price and I can guarantee you I am going to buy lifetime edition when I get some money! It will be sad when my 1-month subscription runs out because I am having so much fun just legit-hacking and top fragging every game without even being called out! The community is great with people dropping configs and if you see someone with a config you like, just message them and they will probably reply with theirs! The only thing I can recommend that I know is being worked on by the devs is tweaking things like the pSilent, the Autowall settings, and triggerbot (I noticed it sometimes tries to shoot through walls) but as I said, i've seen that the devs are working really hard to tweak this cheat to perfection! If you're considering getting into the paid cheat market, I would 110% recommend this as your first-time cheat. Thankyou LegacyAim devs for making this month so fun! 11/10 compared to any free cheat I've found
  8. Hi, mi name is Tobias and i will give mi opinion about this great Hack :D - First i want to thank you guys for giving us the free weekend. oh and thanks Zlitz for saving Rodolfo :D Security 10/10 For me its safe, i never had a problem with LA. Aim 11/10 So good Aimbot, easy to configure and u have a lot of options to modificate it! Visuals 10/10 Exelent visuals, u can modificate it however u want!! Support 10/10 Great support, i am a bit stupid some times so i usually make a lot of questions :p Misc 9999/10 I love this section, u can do whatever u want with this, u have more than 18 options to use! Things that make the Hack exelent: - Ingame Menu (this is almost the best thing, u can modificate all without closing the game) - Panic Key (this is great, nothing to say.) - BunnyHop (The best BunnyHop script i ever used) - Skin Changer (I can use a Karambit Doppler :o)
  9. This is my honest review of the cheat. Before I start I would like to mention I have used many other cheats other than Zlitz but Zlitz is in my opinion the best cheat provider out there. Review of cheat: Aimbot : 8.5/10 The aimbot for the cheat is very customisable. You can make the best legit config aimbot in my experience with Zlitz. I have experimented with many different types of FOV. I am a more risky player and use high FOV but all works perfectly so you can adjust to fit your style. One small problem with the aimbot is that there is no Auto-Wall which means you can't allow the cheat to still activate the aimbot through a wall. Also, the top FOV is quite low but fortunately you can use the Advanced bot if you wanted a larger FOV but would be easier to have it able to go higher in legit config. Triggerbot : 7/10 The triggerbot works well. You can easily adjust the delay and the key to press to activate. You can also allow your triggerbot to activate on just certain parts of body aswell as all which is really useful. I don't quite know what it was meant by TriggerAim customisation in the client, but thats a problem on my end but I'm sure it works perfect. Something to mention is there is also no Auto-Wall on trigger bot as far as I can see (might be in the the triggeraim) so e.g: you can't place on mid door in dust 2 only at cross. Which is a feature they should add but it still great regardless. Visuals : 10/10 Not much to say but perfection, best visuals by far over any other cheat. Includes so many features as well as so much to customise with colors. You can set the colors to change on when you see and when you can't. i.e : Red to green. In both glow and box. Bunnyhop : 10/10 Customisable bunnyhop, auto strafing and other features, Very impressive. Security : 8/10 For my personal experience it has been very bad but I know they are working really hard on the security and they have just been through a rough patch and I had bad timing. Not only that they are announcing the release of Legacy edition where it is a private version of the cheat and will be really hard to detect. This is very exciting to hear which should raise the security to a 10/10 hopefully. Client : 10/10 This cheat showed me how to get other users configs in about 10 seconds. In my experience this is a first but it may be in other cheats. Perfection... Also the client is very user friendly to understand, even if you don't understand some features, just steal other peoples :D Gimme gimme Staff and Support : 10/10 I have had a really bad experience with other staffs in other cheat providers. Zlitz care about there customers and respond as fast as they can. They also have two great support members as far as I heard. There was even a giveaway for the community set by cosmo. Really nice people. End ~ Legacyaim's future looks really promsing and overall the best cheat I've used. Thank's for the experience. Godae~ note: topic structure taken from thel33tplayer's review
  10. So, i bought a lot of subscriptions by a lot of CS:GO cheat providers but what i must say Legacy Aim is the best out on the market. They provide a really good cheat with a lot of features and their support is just amazing. They built a friendly community where you can not just talk about cheating but you can discuss everything you want. In this one year i saw up and downs but i think overall Legacy Aim is moving in the right direction and i would like to thanks the staff. They made a good job, keep it up! I am not sure how old Zlitz is but i think he is and he will be a successful business man. About the cheat: Aimbot: 10/10 The aimbot is just perfect for me, i use most of time max 2 fov cause i never really like'd to rage. You can easily customize the aimbot to fit you'r style. With this aimbot you have a small chance to get OW'd if you aren't dumb. As i said about best cheat out on the market so also the best aimbot on the market rn. Triggerbot: 10/10 Can't say that much about it just as aimbot, perfect. Other cheat providers giving not this kind of customisation. Visuals: 10/10 I don't even have to tell anything about the visuals, legacy aim includes everything you should need they even give us some bonus. They'r also just perfect. Bunnyhop: 10/10 Coders... customisable bhop? Never seen it before, it is just f*cking awesome. You guys made a great job here tho! Security: 9/10 Lately there were some issues with the security but i know how hard the coders are working to provide the best security possible. Since i am here for a 'long' time i am still giving a 9 out of 10 because i know how hard it is to protect a cheat but some peoples just can't understand that. Support: 1337/1337 Big thanks to the support team cosmo, Oppai and of course the rest of the staffs. They'r are all friendly and such helpful peoples. LEGACY AIM IS THE BEST! Ps: Sorry for my language.
  11. pavlakoc16

    Before reviewing I actually want to tell you that I didn't use all the cheat features which are many. I will be reviewing only those that I tried. Legitbot: 10/10 Pretty nice, name explains it all. If you have a good configuration and you practice a bit, overwatch will have a hard time reviewing your demo. Visuals: 9.2/10 The best walls I've ever used, pretty customizable and clean. The only issue is the range of that you can see through walls which is not a big problem!! Triggerbot: 10/10 Just perfect. Misc and bunnyhop: 11/10 I have no words to describe their ease of use and their functionality. And now something that hurts me: Security: 1/10 I got untrusted using 5.7-5.7.1 and 5.7.4 on different accounts with legit settings! That's the biggest drawback and thats the reason I won't extend my subscription, at least not in the nearby future and until this is fixed. Overall, a very good cheat with very good potential if security is fixed. It's my second time buying a subscription and both times Zlitz had security problems (First time on November 2015). Thank you Zlitz for providing a great product but your Security for a respectable amount of subscribers just sucks. Thank you for reading!
  12. Alright, Here is my official review of legacy aim. To break down this hack we need to look at it from a few different points. 1. Ease of use This cheat for me personally was not the easiest to use at first, I had trouble finding the download, logging in, learning the basics but once I learned Them it came like second nature, Tweaking my settings was not hard for me as I just chose to use the recommended 'Legit' settings in the forum. Overall I give this section a 7/10. 2. Customization Not joking here, This client has SO many customizable features that you would not believe, The customization is so crazy that I don't think that I could fully take advantage of it If I tried to easily a 10/10. 3. Client Support Shortly after downloading the cheat I had troubleshooting issues, The chat box on the forum helped me a lot with most of my answers coming directly from the hack founder in a matter of minutes. 10/10. 4. Risk Currently I have been using the client for a few days now, However a lot of my friends recommended this hack to me because of their loyalty to the client over the course of its existence, They have never once received an untrusted or vac ban. Even so you can still be blatant while using this so as long as you aren't trying to get banned, You wont because of this I can safely say its a 9/10 on the risk factor. 5. Price And lastly we come to everyones least favorite part of the review, The price. The price for this cheat is very moderately priced for this reason I give the price a 7/10 because nobody likes paying for anything. 6. Functionality Ill be breaking this section down into sub-sections. 1. Aimbot - 7/10 Works well for those who can aim decently already, 2. Walls/Chams - 11/10 The best walls I have ever used 3. Trigger - 10/10 4. Bhop/Knife changer - 10/10 Awesome addition Overall this hack performs VERY well. Conclusion God I feel like Billy Mays trying to sell you this hack but its just so good I cant say enough about it, The features, ease of use, price point, friendly staff etc Its just to perfect, If you are serious about hacking and want to rank up fast at a low price CHOOSE THIS HACK!!!
  13. Minismuts

    No need to say anything just my review Aimbot aka LEGITbot: This is probably the most customizable aimbot settings i've ever seen. Never been overwatch banned using the cheat, and never will if you just fix the right setting. even at smoothness 5 you will probably not get banned. Aswell as it never fails. I rate this 10/10. RCS: Its very good, I havent really used the Standalone RCS, Ive been using the Aimbot RCS and its very Powerfull Just put it to 100 and it still looks very legit. 9.5/10 ESP: The esp have never bugged for me and there are so many options to choose from. You seriously know everything about the enemy. Skinchanger: I like this addition very much, but the Bowie is a bit buggy when switching to it. But every cheat i have tested it is buggy aswell so its not just this cheat. 10/10 Bhop: Perfect.. 10/10 Triggerbot: There are some fixes that should be made but otherwise wonderful 7.5/10 If someone wants a Legit cheat i will always and forever recommend this. Thanks.
  14. Hi friends, this is my honest review for Zlitz after a month of usage. I heard Zlits through hackforums and decided to buy a month subscription because they were having a 30% discount for Easter Holiday. It was roughly around $15cad, which was pretty cheap. Before I start, I had trouble configuring the cheat so I decided to go in the config thread and copy one. This lead to more problems because I would keep crashing everytime I would shoot. The cheat was fixed in a couple hours, and I thank Zlitz for having such a great customer service. To start: the aimbot is very accurate. I was hitting headshots 8 times out of 10. It was very good. You have to options to optimize pistols, rifles, and snipers. I was dropping atleast 30+ kills every game. I wasn’t sure what RCS was until I actually experienced what it did. It keeps the spray tight and is pretty much a no recoil option that’s not very obvious. It definitely helps. Zlitz gave us the option to use Standalone or Aimbot RCS. I’m not sure the difference in both, but it works. Sadly, CS:GO was updated twice throughout my month of usage. 2 weeks before my subscription ended, the triggerbot stopped working. I couldn’t mess with the chams as it would crash my game, but it’s a nice touch when it works. I also used this cheat on CEVO, which I was banned. (Only using aimbot, nothing else) Overall, there’s tons of other options here that other providers doesn’t offer like Skin Changers and in-depth ESP. It’s a cheap cheat that will make you feel like a god in CSGO. But I was pretty disappointed with the cheat. Feel free to buy if you’re using it for MM as I believe it is safe against VAC. But if you’re going to use it for FaceIt or Cevo, you can find other providers that will keep you safe.
  15. I heard about Zlitz from a friend of mine about a month ago and purchased a month's worth to try it out and today I am going to tell you my honest review of Zlitz as well as the pros and cons. Aimbot 9.5/10: The aimbot in my opinion is almost perfect. It is very customiseable, is great with every weapon and it is impossible to identify it as an aimbot when using the right settings. In fact, after using it for one month nobody ever was able to identify that I was using an aimbot, even when getting 40+ kills. The only negative is that the aimbot is very risky and detectable on Faceit, ESEA ect but if you only play on VAC secured servers, 10/10. Visuals 10/10: Perfect visuals in my opinion, has a lot of options and all 100% working including Glow, Chams, Head Dot (Which is very useful) and many more. You can also bind a toggle on/off button to the visuals which is very useful as well. RCS 9/10: As an experienced CS:GO player, I prefer the standalone RCS over the Aimbot RCS but either one is very good and is completely unidentifiable to the naked human eye. The RCS spray is tight and even though the hack doesn't have no-recoil, the RCS is the closest thing to it and in my opinion better, because no-recoil is obvious af and will get spotted by any decent overwatcher. I took off a point because this RCS isn't noob friendly, but anyone who is Gold Nova 2+ without hacks should do fine. Staff 9/10: (Before I start, i'm not sure whether the 'Zlitz' account is shared or is one person, but im guessing it's multiple people). Every thread made on the forums, from what I have seen, has been replied too by a staff member and staff members are always replying to questions asked in the subscriber shout box in a quick manor and I can tell that they are dedicated to this product. Detections 10/10: After using this cheat on 3+ accounts I can safely say I haven't been Vacced or Overwatched and I doubt I have really been reported that much which is probably my favourite part of this cheat. Skin Changer 9.5/10: Is almost perfect and very customisable, you can literally choose the wear % on any gun/knife in the selection and there are many skins to choose from. Only things I would have to say is to fix the Butterfly knife animation and add more weapons to the selection, other than that it is fantastic. In conclusion: This hack is fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone who is reading this and is interested in looking for a legit CS:GO hack, I doubt you'll find anything better. Thanks for reading :) All in all I give this hack a 9.5/10 and the new V5 framework looking fucking awesome, so keep it up guys!
  16. I first started using Zlitz/PSL last year when I was playing CSGO. It was a decent enough hack with good features and mediocre aimbot ability. I'll tell you this though, it fully stood up to some of the other hacks out on the marketplace. I would consider this a rage/legit hack, it seems more set up to be an inconspicuous hack.. There is something there for just about any gamer. Price: 4/5 Price is in the Euro currency. Yes this is a hack company based in Europe. If you use the Euro as your everyday commodity, then it's a decent deal. Community: 2/5 Decent enough I suppose. There are English speaking people present, so it's not too difficult to follow along with a conversation there. This community and it's people are average I'd say as far as hacking forums go. Same blend of kids/teenagers/adults/trolls as you'll find anywhere else. Customer Service: 3/5 There are some pretty good moderators over there. Detections: Being one of the largest hack providers in Europe comes with it's share of consequences. It would be ludicrous to say that Zlitz isn't on the radar of Vac, not by any means. Detections will be based on several factors indeed, but anytime you cheat with a large site's product, your chances of being caught go up. To put it in plain English, detections are what you would expect. Not astronomically high, but certainly never undetected either. Ease of Use: 5/5 One of Zlits's saving graces is the fact that he does have an easy to use hack loader/ hack interface. Mouse driven and customizable GUI's will trump arrow driven menu's any day of the week. I like the ability to be able to click and drag the interface Final Score: 4.5/5
  17. Support 9.5/10 The staff answers quickly (instant to a few hours) and thethe people on the forums are really nice. Detection 10/10: Never got vac and the cheat never got detected (using it for a month and a bit or so) Features 8.5/10: Got all the basic features that are usefull like aimbot bhop trigger and some nice visual features but because it does not have a skin changer i give it a solid 8.5/10 Aimbot 9/10: I used legit setting for about 60wins and never got ow'd the rcs makes it really legit looking + Good.I only gave it a 9/10 because the rcs on shotguns and autosnipers can be a pain in the ass Trigger 8.5/10: Only used it a bit on Pistols but for the Pistols it's Good Overall 8.7/10: This cheat is a good undetected cheat with very good support and got alot that is very good if you plan to play legitly.
  18. Ayy lmao huge review coming through, enjoy. GUI 9.5/10 It's alright for a legit gui, seems easy to configure in my opinion and in general its sexy. Only problem I have is that I click things behind the menu in the main screen. And I don't know if The menu is stuck in place or I can move it, I'm probably autistic. Entire Aim-Bot Tab 9/10 You guys did a good job on this, Honestly. The aim-bot is effective at close to mid ranges and the RCS works perfectly comparing it to the previous RCS you had. Trigger-Bot is legit and I haven't been called out since. Intelligent Aim-bot is also efficient. My only issue with this tab is that rarely the aim-bot is weird and aims lower down, Most likely due to my settings but who knows. VISUAL TAB 10/10 Everything works from what I can see, sometimes the ESP Bugs but that's once In a blue moon. I have not tested out all the Visual settings however everything thus far works. MISC 10/10 Nice clean tab with all the features that should be in a legit tab, No hands working perfectly and Auto strafe and b-hop make a great combo for speed and legit hops. Water mark is good for sponsoring and the config Saving is also very clean and simple. Overall 9.8/10 Overall good shit Zlitz, once again not Surprised that one of your products once again outdone expectations. There's a few bugs here and there but hey, Plenty of more updates and features to come. The community is amazing as always and the staff and devs are sexy. great job all of you.
  19. satuga

    Here's my quick review on the cheat in its current state: Pricing: I'm a bit torn on the pricing. I want to say it's a little bit on the high end just because of the bugs I have to currently deal with at the moment and how long we have to wait until they are fixed but at the same time I feel as though once the cheat is stable and solid the pricing is just about right. Mayyybbbee a bit lower would be sweg to :) Aimbot: The aimbot is pretty good at what it does, It locks on to targets quite smoothly and the options to change where it aims and how it aims is pretty nice. The one thing that bothers me a bit though and that just might be me not having the proper settings but if an opponent starts running to the left or right, sometimes the aimbot takes a little bit of time to re-lockon to the target but against people who stand still its quite spot on. Radar: I used it maybe once or twice. After that it either didn't show up on my screen whenever I tried implementing it and since then I haven't bothered with it because visuals make you look obvious af. But I can say that for the one or two times I did use it, it was pretty nice. Sometimes the red dots would show up a little too late and you would die before you noticed them but overall it picks up enemies quite well. ESP: The ESP is some good shit. It does its job well. I commend the effort put into the ESP, it really makes you a god in games. So good infact, that everytime I implement it I and try to seem as legit as possible, I still end up being called a waller lol. So it's a solid feature but for the same reason as the radar, I'm probably not going to be able to use it frequently if I want to keep my account since I blow at pretending to be legit. Chams: Their cool and they work fine, but it's not something that I generally would want to implement because the last time I tried it I lost way too many frames. So I guess its a nice feature and others may like it but I don't find it that useful. Trigger: Holy shit this stuff is good. The trigger is really spot on and only firing when there is a target. It's really nice to just have your cursor near a corner and just auto-headshot a peeker. I however have had no luck in reducing the trigger delay so sometimes it gets kind of sketchy but it works really well and I plan to continue using this feature. Overall, for the month that I have tried using this cheat I can say that it was definitely worth trying out and I plan to continue trying it out as further and further into it's development. Hopefully the cheat becomes stabilized and bug-free asap so we can all wreck some n00bs. I give this cheat a Dunkey/10
  20. janmetdekortenaam

    Z1 has a great aimbot, and looking very natural while using. So far still undetected, and updates come regularly what helps improving the hack. Service is also great, if you have a question just post it and get almost instantly reply. Keep it up!
  21. ocrazygaming

    Welp after using for about a month i can give an honest review on this product... Psilent: 8.235/10 It could have improvements... like not being almost like a triggerbot. Aimbot: 9/10 Love the aimbot, i havent used rage settings ive only used it for rcs mainly.... Rcs: 10/10 I rated this and 11, becuase it works too good i dont even want to use it in mm :) Visuals: 8.764/10 They get buggy... Radar: ? / 10 I dont use and or plan on using it... Customer Panel: 9.6/10 Love the user interface... but wish there was an in game menu..
  22. Legendary

    Design / Usability: Design is not much to say. You just change settnings on the Customer Panel and for me atleast it works really great. And it's easy to use Features: I think that its great features. Triggerbot Working really great Bhop is awesome to and same with the radar hack hopefully Aimbot will be released soon to and it will prob work really great to. Security: Security is great atleast on the new revamped verision. No bans so far :) Support: The support on the forum is great. You allways get an answer in some hours doesn't take to long. And if no mod is online many normal users know some common problems to and can help you out :) Price: The price is awesome for Level 1 everyone should have money to pay for it and it's really price worthy for Trigger, Bhop and Radar for around 9 dollars and this great security that's an big +, In my opinion Conclusion: The hack is really great and very price worthy the best hack i have ever used. I love Zlitz <3
  23. Design / Usability: 10/10 Design (User Panel) Really easy to use, looks very professional, love the config built into the actual site, neat shit ;) Features: 8/10 If we are talking about features alone, There aren't that many, however it is only a lvl 1 Cheat bear in mind, and it does exactly what It says on the tin. Security: NA/10 Cannot really comment on this as I have only been using the cheat for a day or so, will fill this in at a later date. Support: 10/10 Like I said, haven't been using the cheat that long however, any time I have had a question it has been answered very quickly and in an informative manner, Zlitz seems like a nice bloke. Price: 10/10 How can you go wrong at this price? I mean come on, if you have a decent understanding of the game and how it's played and not a complete shitter, the radar alone with the trigger can improve your game-play tremendously, props to Zlitz for the sale, ended up getting a month for something crazy like 2 quid. Conclusion: Friendly owner, professional site layout with neat features, radar lovely touch, would like to point out that I think the trigger needs touching up slightly, with pistols its not very good, and sometimes long range with ak/m4 it acts up a little, probably could do with some more settings so users have total control. Other than that, like I said, I think for a lvl 1 cheat and the price, its pretty fucking good, would like to see more customization for the trig. Will be purchasing the lvl 2 upon release.
  24. luxuzicrazy

    Design / Usability: 10/10 Well there isent much of a design on the actual cheat, but the costumer panel is easy to use and its easy to find your way around to adjust the cheat for your needs. Usability 10/10 I am going to rate this the highest possible as i used both ******'s and Revamped's XV1/Level 1. ******'s cheat was really good, sadly he choose another path. Revamped's new cheat is also great, but had some major fetures missing or not working as it had to be made in a rush. I havent used it for a week or so, but even when i used it, everything got fixed asap. Features: 10/10 Great features, i need nothing more than level 1 to reach global easy, no overwatch bans ever. Security: 10/10 I am gonna rate it 10/10 because i have never been VAC banned using this cheat. I have been using it for some months now, and i still havent gotten a ban. I know some other people were VACCED, but i do not believe it was because of the cheat, i think its because they used another provider. Support: 10/10 I have never experienced bad support on this forum, even other members offered me help on Teamviewer. The support from both Zlitz and Revamped has been fast and fixed with kindness. Price: 10/10 Even tho i dont use the cheat that much i get one of the best. Its a fair price for a quality cheat. Conclusion: GREAT FORUM. GREAT CHEAT @Zlitz @Revamped You guys did and have done a great job developing this cheat and forum. Thank you for being so kind. Killem with kindness - Dizzy Wright Peace - luxuzicrazy
  25. *Note this is 1Month of using XV2 1. Design / Usability - Since it hasn't got an in-game menu you can't give it too much. But I like the simplicity, so its an A+ for me! :) 9/10 Usability is good, it provides you with the diffrent customizations you actually need. 2. Features - Aimbot & SoundESP(SonarESP- whatever)is mainly what I use and they're very good! 10/10 It has more features but since I mainly use the hack to improve my game and look legit I usually dont use them. 3. Security - 7/10 - Considering the recent VAC ban I can't give it more, but the post-VACwave support was amazing. (XV2) 10/10 - XV1 not detected in how long now? 1-2years? That's outstanding for a cheat, you can't really ask for more. 4. Support - Top notch support - 10/10 If the Admins / Mods arent't there, usually there is community members that help! People are banned from forums for scamming, being a dick & more. This is a good sign of support, you dont want cancer in your community. 5. Price - Questionable, but you usually get what you pay for. This is a good example for that! A little much for me because its $/month. However since the hack went private and the price lowered it has gotten down to a more "affordable" range. (24.99$) thats not much to be honest. The best part about the prices are that you can choose between 2 diffrent products, XV1 & XV2. XV1 is cheaper and offers less features, but its security & support is still 10/10. Conclusion - The forum has many diffrent guides, tips & tricks and general knowledge of things. Which in my mind actually makes this a good forum, it's just not a Hack like others are. This forum is what makes this Hack stand out from the others. It's unique, and frankly this community probably is the best I've ever been in. The coders & administrators are not stone-cold serious aswell, which is nice. You always want to make jokes & have fun with every member. Very nice cheat, good community. Recommended! XV3 looks promising aswell. Zlitz is love, Zlitz is life.